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Our Story

We have unknowingly hosted an interactive podcast for years, one filled with friends around the kitchen table, seated at a wine tasting, feet up on the couch, laying out at the beach. We talk about the tough stuff — the topics that you only want discussed in a safe space.

We are surrounded by talented, beautiful women that are single, married, engaged, divorced, confused, tired, happy, sad, worried, type A, type Z…the list could go on and on. If nothing else, we have learned that there is one common thread, one uniform desire, one constant truth…a search for community. Wanting to be seen, heard and understood.  

Finally, we have decided to listen to the voice that has been saying “just do something, get off the couch and go for it. Still unsure? Ok…if the couch is that comfortable, at least invite other people to have a seat!” Oh…now this we can do! It’s our sweet spot. We love creating space for other women, you name it.. small group bible studies, brunch & biscuits, birthday gatherings, snow day parties (even with no real snow), going-away celebrations, welcome back parties — any excuse to get together and sit around talking about anything that comes to mind. Just airing things out – the good, the bad, the seriously ugly – all while realizing that we aren’t the only ones that have over committed, are tired on a Friday evening, think that bras are a clear part of Satan’s schemes, have thoughts that threaten our confidence every day and desire to be chosen, safe and seen. 

We love to eat, travel, eat, shop, eat and most of all do nothing. You can find us at Passion City Church, a good music festival, trap karaoke, a movie, open mic night, a good concert, a random open-house that we could never afford, a museum, you name it. Moving through this life with the hope that every day pushes us toward more confidence to live a life that chooses joy, chooses peace but most of all chooses Him.  

We are thrilled to invite you to join us, in a space curated just for you.

Our stories, Our topics, His love.

Fun Facts:

Meet Nicole

It is quite possible that a more fitting name for me would have been “sensitive Sarah”. I have worn my heart on my sleeve since around 1982. Oh the stories I could tell (and I plan to) about the adventures of this exposed and complex organ. Yet my bruised, battered and sometimes misguided heart refuses to totally give up on people. How can I? I just can’t justify it…God has been too good to me. His grace, mercy and provision has been poured out on me my entire life. 

As a recovering people pleaser, I still desperately want to be a part of the “happiness story” of friends and family. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, two loving and present parents, church every Sunday, school, sports, pageants, boys, charm school (yeah, so what?, I loved it)…the list goes on. I accepted Christ as a teenager but it wasn’t until after college that I really pursued a relationship with him. I have worked in banking since I left the campuses of Spelman College and Georgia Tech. Even with engineering and mathematics as my backdrop, it took more than algebra and equations to learn that my foolishness and His favor just don’t add up.  But oh how good He is! I am constantly overwhelmed by the grace of God and it is my heart’s desire to share stories of His love and faithfulness with anyone that will listen. 


Fun Facts:

Meet Brandi

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana (Go Hoosiers!), as a kid I had a love hate relationship with church. I grew up in a small, black baptist Church which means long services (sometimes three times a day), no air-conditioning in any service, and everybody is a cousin, aunt or distant relative. My mother could pray the house down, sing the roof off, and force me to sing on-cue and off-key at any given moment. Little did I know, my mother was instilling in me what would later become the desire to chase after God wild and free, and preparing me to use my life for His glory. It doesn’t matter if I had the voice, the talent, or the right words to say. God actually prefers that I come to Him just as I am, with a heart that says “Here am I, send me”. 

The road leading up to a posture of obedience and a heart willing to serve has been long, hard and, at times, seemingly insurmountable. 

Between then and now, I’ve relocated to Atlanta and life has taken me from the dark path of sin and shame to a life grounded in Him. My faith has protected me in my moments of foolishness, and it is only because of God’s favor that I am able to humbly share my story of His life-changing grace. 

My heart is deeply burdened for and inspired to share with Christian women the truth about my own struggles and hard learned lessons. It is my hope that through my transparency you would be inspired to live a life sold out for Jesus!


Fun Facts:

Our Mission

To spread truth by telling truth. Everything we do is grounded in being winsome. We believe authentic yet Christ-centered interactions are paramount in the war on winning the lost and encouraging our sisters in Christ. Every time we step up to the mic or stand on a stage, we simply refuse to be bashful about who we are and Whose we are. May the warmth of our heart-to-heart conversations push you into the arms of Jesus. 

What We Believe


The entire Bible is true and infallible

Yep, all of it – every word.


One God, three persons
(Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

We agree, not always easy to explain but we plan to take a stab via podcast.


Jesus Christ

Is God, was born of a virgin, was on earth and without sin, died on a cross, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, will come again.


Salvation only comes through faith in Jesus Christ. His grace and death on the cross allows this.

Yeah, we’ll say it…there is only ONE way.


The Holy Spirit indwells believers, sent by God to help and guide us.

Praise God for that ever present tug in the direction of Godly principles.


It is every believer’s responsibility to share the Gospel

Get on out there, girl! 

Is that it? This does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs but it is a good summary. The Bible, as the inspired and infallible Word of God, serves as the final authority and source of what we believe concerning truth, morality and proper conduct.