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Let's Talk About It!

A fresh approach to age old questions.  

Separately, Nicole and Brandi have had the opportunity to speak to crowds large and small. Firm believers that a well told story paints a picture that you can almost touch — our joint sessions are honest, engaging and customized for your audience. We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences and perspectives, wrapped in Truth that has stood the test of time.  If you are looking for formal, overly structured conversations that include metrics and bullet points… please…keep looking. What we can promise is a space that feels warm, an audience that feels seen and a conversation that will continue well beyond our departure.  We are all about workshops, conferences, ministry events, campus panels, leadership sessions (and that other thing you are wondering about).

We can’t wait to meet you!

Throwback Engagements

  • 2019 Curating Your Personal Brand  
  • 2019 Inclusion & Diversity Summit
  • 2018 International Women’s Day
  • 2018 Faith, Fitness & Finances Gathering
  • 2018 Leadership Defined
  • 2017 Women in Consulting

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